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Working With Data

Business Process Automation

Streamlining and automating manual tasks can save your business considerable time and money while improving accuracy and enabling additional functionality that you couldn't previously achieve. Automation solutions often reduce tasks from days or hours to minutes or seconds. And, with Excel as the platform, you can measure your financial return on investment in weeks rather than years.


Combining data from multiple sources enables you to derive a more complete view of your business. Processing data from one system to another streamlines your operations. Excel performs these tasks quite well.

Analysis and Reporting

Excel provides considerable functionality for manipulating and analyzing data and it includes many ways to present the results. VBA enables all of this to happen very quickly via automation. Armed with these capabilities, your business can gain the insight it needs to make the best decisions possible.

Discovery & Project Management

The best start for a project involves thoroughly obtaining and understanding its requirements (discovery). This requires effective communication with both the business stakeholders and the resources participating in the project. Attention to detail, communication, and handling issues comprise the successful execution of the project.


Learn Excel from the basics to advanced skills, including VBA coding. Find out how much more you can do with Excel than most people realize.

Business Technology Consulting

Businesses don't always have the resources to evaluate or plan their technology. Get the help you need to research and assess new technologies or to plan your technical environment.


Data Forms the Foundation

Through Organization and Processing, Data yields Information.


Information Provides the Support Structure

Through Analysis and Reporting, Information delivers Knowledge.


Knowledge Offers Answers

With Understanding, Knowledge Drives Business Decisions.


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