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Payer (Excel) and Clear Payer (cloud)

  • - Provides an interface between your payroll data and your payroll processor
  • - For businesses that have complex payroll calculations
  • - Automatically imports data from your reports
  • - Properly processes data for employees with multiple roles, locations, and rates
  • - Customized rules for various bonus or incentive pay
  • - Calculates overtime as required
  • - Creates a file for upload into your payroll processor
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Clear Trades

  • - Integrated suite created to support the sales and delivery lifecycle of trades businesses
  • - Modules include: Pipeline, Customer Management, Quote / Estimate, Vendor Management, Labor Management, Materials Management, Job Costing, Project Management, Order Management, Financial / Commissions, and Reporting & Analytics
  • - Hosted in the cloud and SQL database-driven
  • - Supports multiple devices
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