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Client processes payroll for multi-location franchises bi-weekly. Each franchise location sends multiple reports (PDF) from their ERP system and Client manually tallies hours, tips, and other data; performs an overtime allocation; and then applies custom (each franchise uses different rules and bonuses) payroll rules for commissions and bonuses to determine each employees pay. Because of the unusual report structures, the level of detail required (employees can work in multiple locations with multiple pay types), the complexity of the rules, and the almost completely manual process, this effort inherently creates payroll errors and takes multiple man-days to complete every other week. Sometimes payroll is late. Also, because of the complexity, some franchises may not comply with state payroll laws. The franchises are not happy with the results and threaten to replace Client.


  • - Happy franchises
  • - Retain franchises as customers of Client
  • - Eliminate payroll errors
  • - Assure compliance with state payroll laws
  • - Reduce processing time


Clear Data Incorporated created an Excel/VBA-based system that processes Excel and CSV versions of the reports (unusal layouts make these difficult for people to read and use) quickly and accurately, calculates a complex (multi-role/rate, multi-location) proportional overtime allocation, applies the various custom rules for each franchise, produces a CSV file for import into Clients Payroll system, and provides administration forms and tables to maintain employee data.


  • - Franchises are happy and still with Client
  • - Any errors come from source data - the system makes no errors
  • - Overtime is properly allocated and paid in compliance with state laws
  • - Time to process payroll dropped from multiple man-days to about 30 minutes every other week per franchise