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Client Information

Large semiconductor manufacturer.

Client manages many critical recurring meetings that have frequently-changing attendees and topics. These meetings recur throughout the year and often require moving attendees and topics from one meeting to another. The meetings also require frequent rescheduling. Available calendar tools handle meeting scheduling just fine but they don't help with moving topics and attendees at all. Also, the usual calendar-style displays don't present the meetings in a helpful manner.


  • - Facilitate managing the meeting details more automatically
  • - Save time and effort
  • - Present the meetings in a more useful way


Clear Data Incorporated created an Excel/VBA tool (called Meeter) that separates the detail management from the meeting presentation. The user manages topic and attendee details in forms without regard to the presentation of the meetings. This makes it easy to focus on the details and move them from one meeting to another with out having to navigate a calendar to get to each meeting. Meeter presents the meetings with their details in an easy-to-view, color-coded stream that updates automatically as the user changes the details.


  • - Changing meeting, topic, and attendee details is quick and easy within forms
  • - The time allocated to managing meetings has reduced from hours per week to minutes per week
  • - The color-coded stream presentation makes it very easy to view upcoming meetings, topics, and attendees
  • - Client loves this tool and uses it often