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Client Information

Irrigation District

Client manages irrigation schedules for hundreds of customers and 6 wells and must publish sign-up sheets and schedules each week. Customers can establish automatic schedules as well as request one-off appointments via phone, email, and sign-up sheets. Client's current system includes multiple Excel workbooks with VBA for automation and printed documents which the Client marks with multiple colored markers and pens. The workbooks throw errors frequently and still require considerable manual manipulation for moving and formatting data. This weekly process occupies much of the Client's time.


  • - Organize all of the data and streamline the entire process
  • - Reduce processing time
  • - Reduce complexity
  • - Eliminate need for paper and markers


Clear Data Incorporated created an Excel/VBA application that manages the customer property data and the schedule data for all wells in a single workbook. The entire process requires no paper, pens, or markers until producing the printed sign-up sheets (required). The system employs a calendar interface for managing well schedules and supports automatic and one-off scheduling in an easy-to-use form.


  • - Customer and schedule data is organized and contained within the application in a single workbook
  • - Time to manage customer property data, produce sign-up sheets and schedules, and generate audit files reduced from most of the week to minutes per week
  • - Well schedules managed via intuitive calendar interface
  • - Customer property data and schedules managed via form
  • - Processing steps executed via buttons
  • - The process requires no paper, markers, or pens